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Latest site update.

Latest site update - Please update your bookmarksThe main site has undergone a few updates recently. The first was caused by the unexpected server changeover, so I was forced to rename all the file extensions to php. I realise now that some people with bookmarked files were not seeing the site correctly, so I’ve redirected the old files to the new ones. Once you have migrated to the new site using php files, please update your bookmarks…

I have also started the tedious process of re-formatting the main pages with css styles. The navigation menu now appear a little cleaner with no underlines and all the active links appear in red when you hover the mouse over them. If and when I have time to learn css fully, I’ll re-code the rest of the headings & paragraph text formatting using this method as the pages load a bit quicker and they’re easier for me to update in future too.

It’s also supposed to be easier to keep the formatting consistent, but if I accidently omit even one html tag or forget to include a css tag, then it’s not going to be. So for now I reckon “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Looking at the code now, I’m amazed I started with a blank notepad almost 3 years ago, not knowing any html.

Last night I also updated the Spanish and German menus so that they match the English layout. If you notice any missing links, links that don’t work a they should, or pages without the navigaion menu, please contact me so I can fix it.

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