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Looking for a good base for cycling in Tenerife?

Hi Leslie

If you have the time would very much appreciate your advice. My wife, myself and very young son are coming to Tenerife from Feb 27 until Mar 6. I’ll be training up for a cyclosportif in France so will be very keen to ride whilst there. I actually do quite a lot of road cycling (I have a Cervelo Soloist ­it’s either a 56 or 68 cm) and mountain biking (I ride a lapierre x-control 510 51 cm).

I know very little about Teneriffe and would welcome your views on a good area to stay ­ my wife wants sun but I really don’t want to be near any trashy resorts (I have heard that part of the island has a few of these).

I’d also look to rent a bike ­ I’d appreciate your advice here also. Although the sportif is on the road if you think Tenerife mountain biking outweighs the road cycling I’d be happy to do that. Just want to keep the legs kicking over. And of course do you have anything available for that time (I also have a friend coming who will be looking for something
commensurate ­ he’s the same size as me).


Ian Edwards

Hello Ian,

I’d be happy to offer some advice on places/locations to stay.

Firstly, if you don’t want to stay near a trashy resort, stay away from
Los Cristianos & Las Americas. There is another side of Tenerife…

Have a look at places like Barcelo Varadero in Los Gigantes, Riu Garoe in
Puerto de la Cruz. Give me some further info & we can narrow things down a
lot. Do you want to stay in a hotel, apartment or quiet villa? What about
beach access, or you don’t care? Proximity to restaurants?

Well now’s an ideal time to start thinking about the bike reservations, as
the best bikes always get snapped up first. We already have some bookings
around then… MTBs are always more fun, but then if you’re like me, you
tend to get lazy and just go downhill more. If you’re serious about
training, I’d go with a road bike, but that’s just me.

I take it you are both around 180cm tall?
Looking forward to your reply,


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