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Mega Tsunami Numero Uno (it’s all La Palma’s fault)

Since this is “science simplified”, I don’t think these two videos need further explanation:

Here’s an interesting science paper written by Steven N. Ward and Simon Day. Two other detailed scientific research papers concerning the La Palma landslide and subsequent generation of a megatsunami can be read here and here.

2 Responses to “Mega Tsunami Numero Uno (it’s all La Palma’s fault)”

  1. Amazing video!
    The east coast of the USA will definitely want to know when the Wave is coming but they will have 9 hours to pack and go. Still if it’s in their interest it can only benefit the Canarian people. If the Americans pour money into research and monitoring instrumentation for volcanic activity that is and in the video it sounds like they are.

  2. OMG! Im actually not from USA but i guess it will touch Ukraine also!
    DAWN IT!!!

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