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Meridian Zero, the one and only local metal rock band.

Meridian Zero is a local ‘homegrown’ metal rock band based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. They do give me a lot of inspiration, especially when I see the individual band members playing separately in the videos below. How they manage to create new music by melding all the sound contributions together never ceases to amaze me. Meridian Zero is fast gaining popularity which is also good to see.

After releasing their debut album “Doors of Creation” in late 2007, Meridian Zero is holding several concerts in the Canary Islands later this month to promote sales of their compact disc. One concert will be held in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on the 15th of March, 2008; two concerts will also be held in Tenerife – one on the 29th of March in Los Realejos and the other on the 25th of April right here in La Orotava! Check for more information.

Here’s their video “Fighting to Arrive”:

Here’s the lead guitarrist and good friend Ivan “Scalpel” Ruiz playing the solo from “Fighting to arrive”:

This is Miguel Alayón playing the rythm guitar throughout the intro of “Night of the world”:

Here you see the bass player Zeben Delagado, playing “Doors of Creation”:

If you can understand Spanish, here’s an interview of some of the band members:

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  1. Theyre Not The One And Only Local Metal Band!!! Soundchaser As Well!!! God! Soundchaser are wayyy better then these and more talented!!

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