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MTB volcano tracks?

Dear Leslie,

I am travelling to Los Gigantes in mid-August and am interested in doing some cycling during my 10 day stay. I have only recently got back into cycling from being a child and currently commute daily to work within London – so the thought of having some open space cycling is very inviting! My enquiry is what you think would be available to me given my location and relative lack of experience. I really like the thought of a full day’s cycling around the volcano tracks as the pictures look incredible – and am not overly keen on the thought of hairpin alpine like extreme hills.

Thanks for your help,



If you’re talking about MTBing, the best thing would be to head to Chinyero / Arenas Negras. There are lots of offroad tracks around there…

The main climb to get there is tough, so I would consider alternative arrangements (taxi, bus, hire car)


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