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New delivery van for 2012!

Renault Trafic 2900 dci 150 long wheelbase L2H2I’m pleased to announce that we have a new delivery van this season. It’s a Renault Trafic 2900 dci 150, long wheelbase version with 150 horsepower. These are photos of our new van with the Pro Bike Hire logos superimposed. We’re currently about half way through applying the actual vinyl decals. The final result is almost identical to the cgi mockup.

Renault Trafic 2900 dci 150 L2H2.For those interested, it’s much more comfortable than the small Ford Transit connect that it replaces. It has ample space & power. The only two gripes are that the lower panoramic mirrors aren’t adjustable and that the steering wheel isn’t adjustable for height either (only reach). Despite this, I come home feeling refreshed even if I’ve driven for more than 4-6 hours per day. Insurance premiums actually went down for this van.

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  1. Actually, the lower panoramic mirrors ARE adjustable. You just have to look underneath and there is a little button which alters the angle. One less thing to complain about!

  2. As far as modifications go, I’ve tried to keep the stock look for this van. That doesn’t mean there are no mods, far from it, it just means they’re subtle so unless you look hard, you won’t see them.

    I like to think of this van as a ‘sleeper’.

    – custom ram air intake
    – 2″ alloy / silicone turbo pipes with pre-intercooler
    – hidden intercooler sprayer
    – 20mm rear wheel spacers
    – increased turbo pressure
    – chip tuning box
    – custom belly pan
    – vortex generators (they seem to be a controversial mod, but at least they seem to keep the rear doors cleaner than before)

    Stock wheels and air intake. They are both working pretty well, so why change them?

    Last but not least, every effort has been made for a quiet ride. My last van ended up being very noisy and I used to come back from the South with a headache.

    This time around, I’ve gone for the opposite effect. Practically every panel that surrounds the driver & passenger has had some kind of sound dampening material applied to it, in some cases more than one type, most noteworthy:

    – both front doors
    – bonnet
    – rear doors
    – sliding door
    – bulkhead
    – footwells
    – all four wheel wells
    – cargo side panels
    – A pillars

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