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News on the latest videos!


This week, we’re busy filming a new MTB video!! 😀

We still have another day of footage to shoot. And then it’ll take about a week or so to edit the video. A special thanks goes to Iván, a proffesional videographer who works for channel azul, who lugged his heavy camera + tripod all over the North valley of Tenerife (with the bicycle) during the filming. I lost count of the number of takes, and also the number of times he unpacked and re-packed his camera. 😐

For some reason I can’t embed the existing videos (even though I previously embedded that funny once lottery video advertisement in another post). Its a little frustrating… anyway, here’s the link to my youtube video page:

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  1. El chico de la foto me suena… Creo que fueron 18.456 veces las que saqué la camara de la mochila, pero no me importa!! me lo paso muy bien contigo y grabando con la camara. Es un placer haberte conocido amigo Leslie. Saludos!!!!!!!!!

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