Life from an outsider's perspective…

Pasatiempos Tinerfeños. Tenerife hobbies.


– Reading newspaper obituaries daily.

– Sweeping terracotta tile floors.

– Sweeping tile floors in general.

Watching television.

– Cooking, and more importantly, eating. Books could be (and have been) written on the subject.

– Neatly arranging clothes outside on the line so that they dry quicker.  There’s some kind of advanced order or pattern that I can never figure out. All I know is that when I attempted to hang out the washing, people laughed at me and I’ve not been allowed to hang clothes on the line since that moment.

– Gossip. It’s claimed not to be, but it is. All Spanish people consider themselves expert judges of character. They relish talking about how people should be expected to interact and react. You only have to look at the spin-off series of Big Brother and whatnot… they’ll disect and then disseminate every aspect of a conversation that has taken place on national TV.

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