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Plant a tree online!

Plant a tree online!

Ecotonoha is a project to nurture a virtual tree collaboratively, and at the same time contribute to the actual environment to cope with global warming. As one makes Ecotonoha’s leaves, by leaving a message on the virtual tree, it keeps on growing. And as Ecotonoha grows, real trees will be planted by NEC.

We received 107,054 messages from around the world in the year 2006. As a result, 1,070 eucalyptus seedlings will be planted on Kangaroo Island ,Australia.

We accept your entries until Febrary 13, 2007,and next season will start soon.

For every 100 signatures on Ecotonoha, we planted another tree in addition to those planted during the Kangaroo Island project.
In 2005 we had 84,539 entries, that is, 845 trees will be planted.

Year Messages Trees
2006 107,054 1,070
2005 84,539 845
2004 70,869 708
2003 60,997 609

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