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Pro Bike Hire for sale!

Dress for success cartoonPro Bike Hire is a well established business based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. We have a proven track record of success which can be verified on paper. We have a large base of satisfied repeat customers and have created a very strong brand identity.

The main reason for the sale is that I am now living permanently in Australia. I’d like to finalise the sale of the business before the end of September. That would give adequate time for you to prepare for the next high season which starts around mid-October.

Our most recent offer is fast bottoming out at only €28,500!! Considering that we get daily bookings & enquiries for bike rentals and the van and bikes are included, I think this is an extremely good price…

Top of the range delivery van and fleet of 10 bikes would be included in this sale. Of course there is the main websites and also the blog, the forum, etc. Website has been professionally translated into 12 languages! Very strong internet presence for many keywords in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. Automated booking form system. The website itself generates a lot of traffic as it is one of the primary sources of information for cycling holidays in Tenerife. We also have dedicated mobile versions of the main site, blog and forum. We are the original owners of the domain name.

If we don’t find a serious buyer before the end of October for our all-inclusive offer, I’m also willing to split up the assets and sell them off individually (although that is a last resort).

Note that some potential buyers prefer to buy just the online content: website, logos, illustrations, documents, emails and customer base off of us. We have already been offered €12,000 for that alone (without the van or the bikes). So if you have a better offer than that, now’s the time to act…

Pro Bike Hire is growing all the time and ready to be expanded for Winter months. We definitely could do with another employee from October all the way through to April!

We have set this up to be an internet business with minimal overheads, although a conventional shopfront would definitely be an advantage. Would suit a UK / European individual looking to be their own boss in a sunny climate. Enjoy a fantastic lifestyle! Experience with bikes and obviously computers is a must. Preferably would suit a manager/leader, looking to take this to another level. But alternatively, could be run from home & used as a primary source of income for someone looking to settle down away from a more hectic city career type of life.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity! Contact us today to discuss the possibilities!!


Les will personally train you so that you can independantly run this amazing business, in the 3 months prior to sale date. Obviously though the longer you leave it, the less time I am available for consulting.

Last but not least, I wish to personally extend our sincerest gratitude to the many thousands of cyclists from all the many countries who have made this venture possible over the years. Thank you! Thank you!

I hope and trust that someone will be able to take off where we left off. It would be nice to see the legacy of this business continue for another decade. Even if we don’t sell the business as a complete setup, I will continue to offer the website only for sale. If you feel you know someone who is interested in doing something like this, please share this info…

Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
Pro Bike Hire

Note that I’m currently residing in Australia until late November 2014. My contact phone number here is +61285023048 – if you do need to ring that number please remember to be mindful of the timezones over here. Thank you! Les

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  1. UPDATE:
    Less than a week has elapsed and we have already had our first few enquiries & offers come in. Keep them coming!

  2. So Leslie… what if I want to make an advance booking?
    Sounds great…new opportuinities!
    After seeing Teno Alto, in the North, I could be inspired to change my hectic career and move there! I think it suits us Aussies wanting to live the dream….
    Too bad you want out though! I mean where will you cycle now?
    Michelle of Engadine, Sydney

  3. Just in case anyone is interested, we are selling a number of bikes. You can check out photos of what is available on our forum.

  4. I’m personally very surprised we haven’t had A LOT MORE interest in this venture. Don’t let the lack of blog comments fool you as most people enquire through email, but still… this is going to sell to someone, it’s only a question of price. 😉

  5. Getting more enquiries now at this price point, about 2 per week, which is good to see. I have just combined a lot of my answers into one mega 12 page [unformatted] document which I can now email to anyone who is interested… because I was just typing out pretty similar info every time.


  6. UPDATE: I will be in Tenerife from the 12th of November until December 1, 2014. This is the last chance to buy the business with our current stock of bikes and the van… after that it will be “website only”.


  7. Leslie
    Sorry to see you go.
    Thanks for the bike rentals over the years which have enabled me to do some fantastic rides in Tenerife.
    This one must rank as one of the best rides IN THE WORLD:
    From Puerto de la Cruz via TF21 to El Portillo, carrying on across El Teide Park, Las Canada’s, to Boca de Tauce, right on the TF 38 (which Leslie, you always recommend me not to do!), right at Chio, and imm. right again up through Arguayo, right at Santiago del Teide and through the village, right before Erjos Bar Fleitas at Puerto de Erjos and all downhill through S. Jose de los Lanos to the coast road and head east back to Puerto!
    Best wishes, Leslie,
    Rab Bird

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