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Professional bike support in Tenerife?


I’m not yet sure where we would stay. I like the area around Garachico and Puerto de la Cruz, but with small children and limited budget, I’ll probably end up nearer to the south. My wife will be able to provide vehicle support and I’ll keep a phone and local taxi numbers to hand, just in case. Again, even if stay in the south, I’ll take the bus to pick up the bike and ride back.

Incidentally, last time I was on the island I looked for professional bike support and couldn’t really find anything, so glad to see that someone is looking at this now. That was five years ago.



W.r.t the bikes and website, I do try my best. When I searched for cycling Tenerife a few years back, info was practically non-existant. I try to fill that void wherever possible… I’ve slowly expanded the website & my fleet of bikes, although it has not been an easy journey.

It’s great to have some sort of backup I agree… quite apart from mechanical failures though – do take care riding in Tenerife as there are a few blind corners to watch out for which can catch you unawares. It’s also fairly normal for oncoming vehicles (buses & trucks) to cross over the line when going round hairpin bends.

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