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Roadworks near Aguamansa!

Roadworks near Aguamansa! Main road to Mt Teide receives road upgrade.The main road TF21 to Las Cañadas is currently receiving an upgrade around the Aguamansa region, for a distance of approximately 300 metres. That brief section is currently not sealed. I feel obliged to point out that beyond the cafe’s in Aguamansa, the road to Mt Teide resumes as normal (just in case cyclists think that the horrible road surface continues the whole way up). It is possible to bypass around the workzone, but it is not marked as an official detour. You’ll encounter some very steep streets & may get a little lost if you try to avoid the main road…

The ugrade has been progressing slowly over the last 6 months or so. Since there is not sufficient space for them to build a completely new road alongside, they can only work on small sections at a time. Not withstanding, this is Spain, so I don’t expect it to be completely finished before the end of the year. I’ll keep readers updated with the progress. I expect the Barroso region further down the La Orotava valley could be next. I’ve been meaning to update this information for some time – sorry for the delay.

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  1. They’ve finally graded, compacted and re-surfaced some sections of this road around Aguamansa. All I can say is that when it’s eventually finished the entire road to Mt. Teide will absolutely fantastic to climb by bike!

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