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Watching Spanish television. Some reccommendations.

Here in the north of Tenerife, we have about 15 free Spanish TV channels and zero english ones. Spanish television can be an enjoyable experience. First I reccommend reading this article about spanish television customs in preparation, and only watch the suggested TV shows described briefly below.

Spanish Comedies- If you have an advanced understanding of Spanish, the sitcom Aida is very funny. The characters are all very unique and the acting is excellent. My favourite character is Chema. currently it is aired on Sundays on channel tele5. Aqui no hay quien viva is also a very famous Spanish sitcom.

The main thing I don’t like about other Spanish comedy shows is that in general they never wait for a pause between conversation exchanges. It seems to be a contest to who can talk the fastest! One such TV show is called “Escenas del Matrimonio” (Scenes of marriage). You’ll quickly notice that there isn’t much acting involved… Rolling Eyes but I reserve the “worst Spanish comedy award” for “Camera Café” (Coffee Camera) – the whole show being filmed from the perspective of a coffee vending machine!

Other Good Series- 

The popular series “Hermanos y detectives” (Brothers and detectives) is very good cop-detective show which benefits from an above-average filming budget; it’s a current television show with a purposely corny 70’s slant… just watch the following intro and you’ll pick up on that theme:

One popular Spanish drama series is “Sin tetas no hay paraíso” (Without tits there is no paradise). I’d describe this as fairly heavy viewing; most of the characters are either prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, or criminals. There aren’t exactly many characters to be found representing the good side of the law…

The “worst Spanish soap opera award” goes to “Yo soy Bea” (I am Bea), also aired on tele-cinco. If you think the bold and the beautiful is slow then you should attempt to watch this drivel. You could miss an entire weeks’ worth of episodes and not even notice. Funnily enough, I believe this soap opera has been copied in the USA with the series they call “Ugly Betty”.

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