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TEIDE EXTREME 2008. King of the Mountains Climbing Competition:


I am currently “testing the waters” in regards to organising an annual, single-day amateur bicycle challenge event some time late in 2008:

The “Teide Extreme Climbing Competition”, a sealevel – 2300m climb over a distance of 35 km!

I’d like to ascertain the level of interest before pursuing this idea any further. Please express your interest in this event by casting your vote in the poll below. The Exact Date is also yet to be decided… a vote on that would also be appreciated. Tell your friends & stay tuned!


2 Responses to “TEIDE EXTREME 2008. King of the Mountains Climbing Competition:”

  1. Great to see the Teide Extreme “waters” tested.

    Would be nice to see in the Exteme done in the European “off-season” when otherwise bored cyclists could be getting to know Tenerife.

    All the best and if you opt to go for it, please let me know. Should I still be floating around in Europe would attend the “fun ride” if possible and also assist with a little promotion.

  2. So as you all know, Bruce was the man behind the original “Teide Extreme” Idea!

    I’d like to offer an “easy option” starting from Aguamansa. It is situated right on the edge of the native pine forrest, so it is more scenic, and there are also way less cars than around El Puerto.
    Starting from Aguamansa, there is a 1300m climb over a distance of about 20km to get to the base of Mt Teide.

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