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Tenerife-Training “GATHER THE MOST IN-LINKS COMPETITION”: Win a free set of Vertebrae Advanced Ceramic Gear Lines!


Know any online cycling resources that are not already linked directly to our website?

For example: cycling holiday websites or directories, official cycling organisations, online cycling news information sources, online magazines, private cycling clubs, online bike shops, cycling forums, or personal cycling weblogs.

You can either suggest to the webmaster they add a link to our site (preferable if its a foreign language site), or simply send us their website url or contact details and we’ll chase them up.

Based on their usefulness to us, and to make things interesting, we’ll tally your score with the following points system:

  • Each in-link originating from Czech or Slovak Republic = 5 points!!!
  • Each in-link originating from the UK/Ireland/Scotland, Holland, Benelux, Germany = 3 points
  • Each in-link originating from Spain, Sweden, Finland, rest of Europe = 2 points
  • Each in-link originating from USA, Canada, Australia, NZ + rest of the world = 1 point

The person with the most points accrued wins a free set of new vertebrae ceramic gear cables (in black colour). These are valued at US$140 RRP, and are custom-made to the exact length of cable housing that you specify.


Competition closes midnight (GMT) 12th september, so go get gathering & send those entries in to win!


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