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Tenerife weather alert.

Tenerife weather alert. Tenerife weather risk. Tenerife tropical storm predicted.Tenerife is currently in a heightened state of weather alert with the official title “important risk”. (there are four increasing levels: “without risk”, “risk” “important risk” and “extreme risk”). Firstly, rain is predicted at 30 – 60mm per hour depending on the zone in Tenerife. Secondly, wind gusts up to 90km/hr. Thirdly, storms are predicted.

Locals will tell you that the weather is “ugy” and the South of Tenerife has been very windy in the last few days indicating that a tropical storm is due. This is more of a prelude to a real danger although bike riding is not advised at this time as you could get stuck out there in some really nasty weather.

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