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The growth of “Tenerife Training” site

Rate of new business growthThe growth of website has been astonsishing over the last 2 years:

  • I’m very pleased to say that we recently surpassed 11,500 homepage visits!! I’ve lost track of the exact number-
  • For the past four months, we’ve received an average of 5000+ monthly web-visits and this figure continues to climb steadily.

  • For Jun – Dec 2007, ~82% of people visited more than once. The average number of pages per visitor was 9.2.

  • We also received a record number of visits recently on the 9th of January – 437 in one day!

  • The latest trends show that, on average, 75% of visitors add one page to their favourites folder. To date I can estimate that there have been 17,501 instances of people adding a page to their favourites folder.

The growth of “Tenerife Training”.

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  1. Just a little update:

    Web traffic continues to ramp up. Yesterday we received a record of 794 visits! However, the average number of pages per visitor has decreased to 6 this month. We’re on track for 13,000+ unique visits this May.

    For the year 2008 to date, we get 50% return visits.

  2. It’s difficult to give super accurate stats over the last 6 months as they have not been recorded on the server.

    I can say that there have been 14,000 visits in the last 10 days alone. Yesterday was a record with 1844 visits.

  3. The latest news is that our domain name was recently attacked and we were forced offline for one week in mid-January, so apologies if you found the website unavailable during that time.

    Up until then, web traffic continually increased, peaking in late December at up to 1800 visits/day!

    After having our google ranking utterly battered, we are slowly clawing our way back up the google food chain again to an average of around ~1200 visits per day.

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