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The main site goes down. Damage report.

The main site goes down. Damage report. Advantages and disadvantages of self-employment.So I woke up today to find that the website didn’t seem to be working properly. Here’s the full damage report:

The main website is missing all the contact information + navigation bar, my two subsites and are completely offline, the last two days work has disappeared completely from existence and the web hit counter on the homepage doesn’t appear to be counting anymore.

Suprisingly, both the forum & blog (which are normally very susceptible to these kinds of changes) are working perfectly.

I eventually found out that this is due to the host provider changing servers. An analogy? Well, this is like waking up and finding that your landlord has moved all your stuff while you were sleeping -with no prior warning!

I just wanted to say that I’m already tackling the problem but at the moment it’s beyond my control. At least I’ve updated the homepage with the nav bar.

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