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The politically correct assassin.

personal rights, political correctness, free country, civil liberty, personal freedom, politically correct, civil liberties, public liabilityThe worlds’ gone stark-raving mad. You hear responses like this to absurd news stories spoken every single day. What exactly am I referring to? I’m referring to insane cases of “personal rights, freedoms and civil liberties” in the simultaneous “age of political correctness”. These two forces do not belong in the same time zone and space. It’s like matter and anti-matter, except that as soon as they come into contact, good old common sense implodes along with them.

Young people these days that claim they have the right to steal, vandalise, assault, rape, abuse, and generally do whatever the bloody hell they feel like. Okay, but then to compensate for their illegal behaviour you expect some sort of justice. You expect that when they get caught, they’ll be reprimanded by the full extent of the law. Not so. Instead, they go and slip on some marbles while robbing the plasma telly inside an innocent person’s home and sue the owner for negligence. I suppose they’ll call it “private liability” next. Far from serving prison time, they profit by it. I’m not sure who is more criminal, intruders or lawyers!

But what REALLY shits me though, despite all this, at the same time, it’s also the age of political correctness. So that people have the right to lop innocent people’s heads off and commit other obscenely violent acts like cannabilising their partner’s freshly murdered corpses (that’s the latest don’t you know?) – then claim insanity, but no one can say the word ‘human’ anymore, because it has the word ‘man’ in it & might offend somebody.

Yes. We live in an age where, for instance, coffeshops don’t [or can’t] put tables and chairs on the footpath in case someone trips over one of the legs and sues them for all their public liabilty insurance is worth. Doesn’t this absurd scenario impinge on our right to enjoy coffee and cake in peace somewhere outside like in a plaza? Meanwhile hordes of genuinely evil people are all over the place doing whatever they please -repeatedly- with very little consequence. Something is clearly not right here.

Forget about their ‘rights’ for a moment. I say that each person should be directly responsible for their own actions. If you do something illegal, you risk a fine or a jail sentance. And if you’re committing an illegal act, you shouldn’t be able to claim any kind of compensation whatsoever. After all, if you weren’t doing what you shouldn’t have been doing, it wouldn’t have happened. Right? Likewise, if you’re too clumsy to walk around without hurting yourself or you’re too easily affected by what society does or says, then at the very least you should try to avoid it.

Where does it end? Are you able to sue the makers of your shoes because the laces were too long and caused you to fall and break your tooth? I don’t think so. I think that if you’re too stupid to realise that your laces were too long, then you almost deserve to fall.

Anyway, I fully expect that pretty soon, there’ll be some new orden put into place: next time an intruder is looting and ransacking your home while you’re still inside it, they won’t be able to refer to you as fat/short/tall/rich, or any other descriptive adjective which might be deemed offensive or discriminatory; but on the same understanding, far from being able to defend yourself, your home and your possessions, you won’t be able to call them disabled/desperate/homeless/intruders (even if they are) because that’d be politically incorrect.

What can I say? I think we’re already on that alternate “fucked up” timeline in Back to the Future where Biff and his gang have the run of the place.

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