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The top 100 strangest search terms ever?

A list of the top 100 strangest search-engine phrases & google search terms.Many readers who do not host their own websites will not realise this, but yes, whenever you visit a website, the server records how you got there. What does this mean? Well, whatever you enter into google is usually stored by the host-server, and it is in fact all-too-easy for someone like me to peruse that list. Just for the record, it’s also possible to know in which order you viewed the web pages on my site, and how long you remained on each page.

Anyway, browsing through all the many search terms that people use to find this site has quickly become a regular little past time. Knowing what people search for and what is successful certainly helps with Search Engine Optimisiation (SEO). Most of the search terms generally have keywords such as “cycling”, “bike hire” or “Tenerife”. But here is a list of the 100 all-time most unique search terms I have encountered so far, really standing out above the remaining 13,000+ internet searches used to find All these people entered my site by typing these exact terms into a search engine:


  1. “fish with big lips”
  2. “sea snake santa”
  3. “benedict alan climbed into a camel”
  4. “submarine for hire”
  5. “eggbeater review candy”
  6. “chocolate coated banana business”
  7. “in life some hoops you have to jump through will be on fire”
  8. “purple kettle” (21 people actually searched for this term in the last year alone)
  9. “crocodile initiation philosophy” 
  10. “crocodile scars”
  11. 2-oxo-l-threo-hexono-1 4- lactone-2 3-enediol
  12. “tired after eating turkey”
  13. “perspective of air resistance”
  14. “what do tongan people look like”
  15. “is soy good for nerves”
  16. ujmwutzckmkdwean


  1. “i don t like turning left when the road marking makes me turn the car to the left”
  2. “what should u use for a 3 year old when driving a car” 
  3. “how much time do i spend in each place when traveling”
  4. “could it be a big world after all”
  5. “can you translate words and how”
  6. “safe to eat a rotten banana”
  7. “can you take shower gel in your suitcase now when travelling?”
  8. “how many chupa chups have they sold in the world”
  9. “the best inventions chup & chups”
  10. “are there cheap paintings by pablo picasso?”
  11. “earn twenty bucks now”
  12. “how much space does 11 million metric tons take up?”
  13. “how do computers remember the time”
  14. “how big is 6 000 000 000”
  15. “science learns you essential things for life?”


  1. “what are the poisonous drugs in this world”
  2. “how to cheat on theory test driving”
  3. “negative consequences of revenge”
  4. “negative consequences of getting revenge”
  5. “most difficult test on earth”
  6. “repetitive thought patterns”
  7. “do you know what the scariest thing is? to not know your place in this world to not know why you re here.”
  8. “addicted with virtual reality”
  9. “can i go topless in tenerife”
  10. “computer slavery in science”


  1. “canary island rabbit stew recipe”
  2. “a letter to the circus in spanish”
  3. “swearing and spanish” 
  4. “how to say go slower in spanish”
  5. “things i should know about spain”
  6. “all the things they have in spain”
  7. “pronounce mallorca”
  8. “how to pronounce canary islands”
  9. “what happens during a spanish siesta” (maybe this should have gone into either one of the list of stupid or scary search terms)
  10. “siestas .gov or .net”
  11. “buy a kettle in spain”
  12. “tenerife what continent”
  13. “really cheap flights to tenerife”
  14. “realy realy cheap flights to tenerife”
  15. “really really really cheap flights to tenerife”
  16. “where do we fly to get to tenerife”
  17. “pregnancy laws in tenerife”
  18. “spanish hog clubs”
  19. “slow poke rodriguez”
  20. “things to know about a spaniard”


  1. “leave the corporate world behind go explore adventure”
  2. “attempt to walk across the world”
  3. “art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”
  4. “people struggle for happiness”
  5. “why a person becomes an outsider” 
  6. “is it natural for humans to hate outsiders”
  7. “integrate into new culture”
  8. “what does the social readjustment rating scale consider more stressful”
  9. “social inertia”
  10. “biggest solar powerplant”
  11. “what is the true symbol of life?”
  12. “why is the world here ?”
  13. “what is the size of the internet”
  14. “miss before the internet”
  15. “remember the world before email”
  16. “what if the internet stopped working tomorrow”
  17. “can you recover from major depression”
  18. “minimum number of words communicate”
  19. “japan is a very racist” (but then aren’t you racist too?)
  20. “religion gives us false hope”


  1. “bike hire in albania”
  2. “snakey winding road”
  3. “training was great thanks”
  4. “10 reasons to date a cyclist”
  5. “stretching based on animals”
  6. “why banned superman position”
  7. “bombproof reliable bike wheels tyres”
  8. “speciality bikes you ride without pedaling” 
  9. “how do you measure how big your bike tyre is?”
  10. “replaceable bicycle dropout”
  11. “full name of bike”
  12. “guns and roses cycling jersey”
  13. “mavic cosmos black camp for sale”
  14. “crazy bike tenerife tour”
  15. “cycle mount price -rent -blog -bid -review -article -amazon -ebay -compare” (this guy must be really fussy with his searches)


  1. “www” (why my site appeared at all is beyond my comprehension)
  2. “ferarri” (I’ve never written this word anywhere on my entire site until now) 
  3. “things”
  4. “internet”

Most of these search terms still rank very highly with google, in many cases within the top 10 or twenty google search results. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself! Those who have followed this rather eclectic blog may recognise what pages resulted would have appeared in the search results. Cyclists will laugh at some of the search phrases…

Anyway, now that I’ve compiled the 100 oddest search terms, I’m prediciting that this will increase the chances of an even rarer search term in future! If you’re interested to know, the top search term for 2006 was “Mrazek bikes” with 31 instances, in 2007 it was “mrazek bikes” with 301 instances -and rather suprisingly- in 2008, the most common search term to date has been “social readjustment rating scale” with 209 instances so far! “Cycling Tenerife” only came in at second place.

One Response to “The top 100 strangest search terms ever?”

  1. Additional strange search terms encountered in the last month: “where are the various ocean of the world”, “former tour de france cyclist actually forgets how to ride bike”, “the biggest chupa chup lolly”, “chup a chup mouth bleed”. I also figured out why my page would have showed up with the search term “ferarri”… I’m guessing that a google spider must have indexed that word from one of the google ads.

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