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Time management & bike riding motivation: maximise exercise benifits of your Cycle Training regime

Time management & organisation

  1. Head for the hills – there’s no cheating yourself here, because you can’t draft behind other riders, and it forces you to keep pedalling continuously. This is our philosophy.
  2. Get your cycling equipment ready the night before – so you have no excuses in the morning not to go. That way, you feel extra guilty if you sleep in, and you won’t miss all-important weekend training sessions due to “general morning laziness”.
  3. Become an “instant fixer” – don’t procrastinate & delay any bicycle repairs. Fix it ASAP, because a broken bike gives you one more reason not to go for the next ride.
  4. Increase your mileage to improve endurance – for example: rather than go for daily 1 hour rides, go for a 2 hour ride every other day, or 3 – 4 hour ride twice a week. This also eliminates a lot of wasted preparation time.
  5. Get out quick before you change your mind – clouds looming overhead? Computer not working? Cycling jersey still in the wash? Pacing & wondering whether to go or not? If so, you’re procrastinating. Don’t think, act! Just go already, even if the conditions aren’t ideal! Even if it rains, once you’re wet, you can’t get any wetter. 😉 Provided that your habitual bike position doesn’t change, if you make the time to ride, you will get fitter & you will enjoy cycling more… with plain old tap water or with sports drinks; with or without knowing the distance you’ve travelled or the current speed you’re doing; wet or dry.
  6. Go for a short ride – we all have other important commitments besides cycling. If you don’t have time for a long 3 – 5 hour ride, don’t obsess over not being able to go. I.e. don’t suffer from “all or nothing syndrome”. Go for an hour. Go for 20 minutes. Its still better than nothing! If you’re really serious, treat it as a “rest or recovery day”.
  7. Ride to work – exercise while you commute. Also great for the environment; no further explanation necessary.
  8. Join a bike club – the commitment to meet with other cyclists at a specified time and date helps your motivation level. You’re less likely to bail out of a training session, because you let other people down as well as yourself.
  9. Don’t set unrealistic goals – because when you fail to reach them, you’ll lose motivation to continue with your training plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you skip a day or a week or even a month. Even professional cyclists need rest periods. And lastly, remember that half the fun of excercising is feeling the gradual improvement in your own fitness level. If you haven’t ridden for a looong time, there’s only one way to go, and that’s to be fitter. Maintain positive thinking.
  10. Don’t be a slave; embrace change! – this applies to heart rate monitors, cycle-computers, training schedules, ride routines, clothing, food, etc. We’re all humans, we’re all fallible. All routines eventually become boring and “samey”, and then they fail. Hence change is the key. Plan a new ride once in a while.

“Ride your bike. Ride your bike. Ride Your bike.” – Fausto Copi

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  1. Enjoyable read. Encouraging and inspiring for those looking to have control of their life and not be a victim to their scepticism. Very much in line with my philosophy of life. “Commitment is the power of integrity over negativity” or “Zen and the art of cycling”.

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