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You know you’re in the Canary Islands when…

You know you’re in the Canary Islands when… 

  • You see people are only just getting ready to go out at 10:00pm.
  • Every week there seems to be another weird festival or holiday.
  • Everyone at the table rips into the bread with their bare hands and then starts peeling potato skins.
  • After the meal, the olive oil dressing gets transported directly to the refridgerator, but the actual food is left on the kitchen benchtop all day long.
  • Someone says “pass the Gofio”… but in spanish, and with a thick Canarian accent.
  • You can speak speak perfect castillian, but still can’t understand what the spanish locals are saying.
  • You’re walking on a pedestrian crossing, and all the drivers switch on their left indicators at the sight of you. 
  • You need to attend 30+ hours of lectures just to pass the intitial driving theory test.
  • You forget what a messy desk looks like, and everyone starts cleaning spontaneously.
  • The only piece of carpet in the entire house is the bathmat.

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  1. * You know you are in the Canaries:

    – when the toilet flush will not completely stop water flowing in spite of repeated ‘twiddles’ with the button. So much for water conservation.
    – when car drivers park their cars like they used to tie up their donkeys.
    – when bread has to be denied when ordering a meal; otherwise you get a bread roll automatically.

  2. Just found this website……great stuff.
    Any cyclists who wish a little info or guidance en Tenerife get in touch with me. I am normally on the island from late Sept 07 to April 08.
    I am most grateful to all in Tenerife for making me so welcome and allowing me to have such a good life on my bike.
    Enjoy cycling…the way it should be….come to the Canarys!

  3. Hi Les,
    Been here on island for a few weeks.
    How are you?
    I have little injury that is stpping me cycling at the moment so can not get to you right now. Will meet up when i am better though.

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