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Turismo Tenerife association

We’re proud to announce that we’re now a member of the official Turismo Tenerife association. Rest assured that partnering with Turismo Tenerife won’t affect the day to day running of our business.
Being a member should help promote our cycling activities both online and in the real world and thereby create new opportunities to expand the business and also improve cycling activities in Tenerife. Here is the link to all nature activity businesses sponsored by Turismo Tenerife.

One Response to “Turismo Tenerife association”

  1. So we’ve been a member for 2½ years already! I have had more time to attend a few meetings and the good news is that we will be more involved with Turismo Tenerife in future.

    I was able to mention in the meeting yesterday for example that the primary complaint of road cyclists is the road surface between Chio and Boca Tauce and they instantly took note of that.

    I also presented the case of the dangers of drainage grates which are inadequately designed. They took note of that also and I will be passing on the location data to them asap.

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