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Welcome to “Vida Enigmática”.

synchronicity - Vida EnigmáticaVida Enigmática translates as “Strange Life”. A choose your own adventure story outlining social behaviour, the fight for survival. It is an attempt to understand the behaviour of our lives & society based on concepts like social intertia,  overchoice, future shock, the revenge effect, chaos, the butterfly effect, synchronicity, etc.

These mini-essays have not been written in the traditional “linear” book format, merely because that’s not the way the ideas were originally conceived and connected. Since it is very difficult to provide a sequential story of a series of interlinked ideas and concepts, here I’ve made it easy for you to jump from one theme to another. Alternatively, you can read the whole category from beginning to end.

Most importantly, the aim of “Vida Enigmática” is to inform people and generate thought-provoking conversation. Based on these controversial debates, I hope I inspire others to change, and more importantly to not be afraid of change. The only certain thing is that we live in a time of change.


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