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What is your preferred payment method?

Hi Leslie. I am having trouble with my paypal account. Is it okay when you deliver the bikes I leave you a deposit on my Visa? This would be easier for us Canadians. Thanks

Until I get a mobile credit/debit card reader, cash is the preferred payment method.
You’re welcome to leave the deposit in your own currency though because it saves you having spare Euros at the end of your stay (Canadian / American / Australian dollars and UK pounds are accepted).

[you can also pay upfront with Paypal – credit card payments are accepted through Paypal – I absorb all transaction fees]

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  1. hello,
    i want to hire a racebike for 2 weeks in La PAlma(last é2 weeks of august) problem is lastyear i rented a bike from sigmund bike’n fun but now he doesn’t rent racebikes anymore, does anyone knows an other adres to rent racebikes in LA PAlma?
    thank you

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