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What’s your poison? Drugs or Religion?

funny placebo hope drug cartoonYou can hardly escape the reality of these two graphs:
the future is doomed     


With so much bad news about the environmental & financial crisis the world is suffering, and knowing it is only going to get worse, how can we ever hope to maintain a positive outlook for the future? I am of the opinion that both drugs and religion give us a false sense of “hope” or “faith”. People will continue to turn to these methods to maintain their false sense of optimism. But how long can people fool themseves as climate change comes into effect, the state of the environment worsens, society decays, and even the latest stock market crisis comes into effect? When all hope for the future of the world (the environment) is lost, severe conflicts will surely arise the next generation, and the rest will be history. What are your thoughts on this?

2 Responses to “What’s your poison? Drugs or Religion?”

  1. I’ve long thought that religion is a crutch, used by those who cannot think for themselves and are unwilling to take responsibility for solving their own problems, which I do think is ultimately dangerous for society and the world.

    On the other hand, I feel some need to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, because that is their right and business, though I will consider it my right to disagree with them.

    What I have not yet managed is to reconcile these two views.

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