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Where can I get a massage in Tenerife?

Best massage in TenerifeThere was an important quote by Lance Armstrong regarding chefs, masseurs and chiropractors, but I thought in light of recent events I’d skip over it. Let’s just say that massage has become an intrinsic part of multi-stage races. Not only does it hasten muscle recovery but it also relaxes the riders. And we all know that this world is ever-more stressful.

I had a great, authentic Thai massage yesteray as a gift for my 35th birthday. I came out feeling 5 years younger and about 5cm taller.

First a note about Thai massages. They are given while you are fully clothed, long pants and long shirt. Just so we know, I’m into innocent relaxing massages, not of the erotic variety. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here.

The hour long massage was nothing short of amazing. It’s as if the masseur worships your body. It’s very hard to describe their technique, but I’ll try. The scientist in me is compelled to say that “pressure comes in the form of carefully modulated, overlapping waves”. At times, you feel like two people are massaging you. At first I was convinced that there actually were two people present in the room; with my eyes still closed, I felt like peeking to be sure. But I was wrong. Thai masseurs use different parts of their body such as their shoulders and feet to really get stuck into you. They slowly work around your body, pressing and kneading all the tension away, transitioning around your whole body.

There aren’t many interruptions, but if there are, the special part is that they never let go of your body, holding on to your arm or leg with their hand – whether it is to reach over and adjust the music or get a towel or another pillow. It’s as if to say “don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you, not for one second”. They speak in a soothing, quiet voice and only when necessary. Neither do they let your arms & legs simply drop to the floor, the force of gravity would be too harsh for any limb in such a jelly-like state. Rather, they carefully place them down as if your body is made of the most fragile material. I got my massage at the Thai Wellness Centre in hotel Magec Park, Puerto de la Cruz, but you can also go to the Phuket Thai Massage Centre in the La Paz district of Puerto de la Cruz, which has a nicer environment, is less noisy and has better parking facilities. That’s located towards the end of Calle Aceviño (not sure of their web address yet).

If on the other hand you are after a shiatsu type of massage and you enjoy a bit of masochism, go to Fisio-Natura instead.

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  1. Hello! You have to try the massage at La Caleta, in Adeje. Specialist on sport massage, therapeutic, and osteopath. Could you meet us here? Best Regards!

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