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“Where have all the trees gone?”

“Where have all the trees gone?” 

If someone from a past time zone were suddenly plonked into our own, I’m convinced that they would find themselves in a desperately depressing situation. “Where have all the trees gone?” they might say to themselves. The notion that each and every urban space has been transformed, directly or indirectly, from a virtual wilderness is indeed intrinsically very saddening.

Think about the passage of time over any area for a moment. Imagine how it once was and what it will become. It’s not hard to say that in the future, most likely, each and every space which has occupied the aeons of time will eventually become a slab of concrete or other refined material, pieces of some strange new vehicle, and yet another technological invention.

But when the soil is dead, when the atmosphere is polluted and our homes are hermetically sealed, with the demise of natural trees and the rise of indoor plants… when oxygen-regeneration units have replaced chlorophyll as a means to breathe artificial air – who doesn’t find the mere thought of this potential scenario depressing?

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