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World’s most expensive set of coathangers!

Zipp 100% recycled carbon fibre coathangar. Composite coat-hanger.This set of 8 coat hangers is 100% recycled from a high-end set of road racing wheels (the wheelset itself retailed for about a thousand dollars almost ten years ago; the price has since doubled). The rims are 100% carbon fibre contruction and were at the time one of the lightest wheels available (only 1059 grams for the pair of wheels!).

Recycled carbon fibre composite clothes hangersI spent the better part of this evening making these by hand after taking the first half of the morning to decide whether to do it or not. All the sharp edges have been sanded down so there is no risk of carbon fibre splinters. I believe the spokes are the original stainless steel Sapim CX Rays & the aluminium nipples also came with the zipp wheels. The two carbon rims were still structurally intact when I attacked them both with the hacksaw… so why did I butcher these instead of selling them as a built up & complete racing wheelset?

Well, primarily because the carbon brake tracks were damaged after a brief 20% descent here in Tenerife. I could have re-drilled the rims and used them for “disc brakes only” but this would require two new hubs, new spokes, a new rebuild, a suitable frame and fork and I didn’t think there would be much demand for a tubular disc-only rim.

25% of the final sale price will support World Wildlife Fund for Nature.You can buy them through ebay here. 25% of the final sale price will support World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

The worlds most expensive set of coathangars!Also, these rims were a 650c tubular version with campagnolo freehub body, an extremely rare configuration; I’d estimate that this particular combination represents only about 0.1% of all wheelsets sold to the public. Finding a buyer isn’t easy. So I thought finding two people to outbid each other on ebay would be almost impossible.

I dismantled the zipp hubs and I will sell those separately (now people can use those to build both 650c and 700c wheels, so they should be worth a bit more). The hubs are in excellent condition and can be seen here. I also have a 10 speed Campagnolo Record Titanium cassette for sale (11-23T) and 5x Vittoria CX-Evo 650c triathlon tubular tyres up for auction later today.

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  1. Trying to get in touch with Dr Leslie Brown to get permission to reprint her article on world’s most expensive hangers.

  2. Hello Clair,

    Sure you can reprint my article about the coat hangars… I was actually expecting them to fetch a bit more than 22 bucks in the ebay auction.

    Anyway, I’m an environmentalist & apart from the charity cause one of the aims was/is to get people to look at my webpage… in that sense it would be nice to include a link back to or else include this photo in the reprint as it shows my url address on one of the coathangers.

    But feel free to use the other photos as well…

    By the way, I’m a male but it’s a common to mistake my gender.

    Just out of curiosity, where are you thinking of reprinting it?

    Thanks very much for your interest in my blog + story & thanks for asking!


  3. There may be the most expensive, but that is arguable. Someone is selling carbon fibre coat hangers that are coat hangers and look pretty tough too!

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