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Pro Bike Hire is a well established business based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. We have a proven track record of success. We have a large base of satisfied repeat customers and have created a very strong brand identity.

The main reason for the sale is that I am now living permanently in Australia. I’d like to finalise the sale of the business before the end of September. That would give adequate time for you to prepare for the next high season which starts around mid-October.

We have set this up to be an internet business with minimal overheads, although a conventional shopfront would definitely be an advantage. Would suit a UK / European individual looking to be their own boss in a sunny climate. Enjoy a fantastic lifestyle! Experience with bikes and obviously computers is a must. Preferably would suit a manager/leader, looking to take this to another level. But alternatively, could be run from home & used as a primary source of income for someone looking to settle down away from a more hectic city career type of life.

The main reason for the sale is that we are moving to Australia around Janunary of 2015. Ideally we’d like to finalise the sale of the business before the end of September. That would give adequate time for you to prepare for the next high season which starts around mid-October. – See more at:

Website has been professionally translated into 12 languages! Very strong internet presence for many keywords in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. Automated booking form system. The website itself generates a lot of traffic as it is one of the primary sources of information for cycling holidays in Tenerife. We also have dedicated mobile versions of the main site, blog and forum. We are the original owners of the domain name.

Pro Bike Hire is ready to be expanded for Winter months. We could definitely do with another employee from October to April! This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity! Contact us today to discuss the possibilities!!

Our most recent offer is €12,000 for the (website + brand only).

Les will personally train any individual so that they can independantly run this amazing business, either as an intensive course or as a consultant in the 6 months prior to sale date. We’ll be sending out a newsletter/portfolio shortly to many of our potential customers.

Last but not least, I wish to personally extend our sincerest gratitude to the many thousands of cyclists from all the many countries who have made this venture possible over the years. Thank you! Thank you!

I hope and trust that someone will be able to take off where we left off. It would be nice to see the legacy of this business continue for another decade. Even if we don’t sell the business as a complete setup, I will continue to offer the website only for sale. If you feel you know someone who is interested in doing something like this, please share this info…

leslie dean brown

Note that I’m currently residing in Australia. My contact phone number here is +61 497 889 998 — if you do need to ring that number please remember to be mindful of the timezones over here.

Thank you!

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  1. Matt Cook says:


    I hope you’re well. I was wondering if you could give me a little more information about the business re: monthly website hits, turnover, costs, repeat custom etc? I live in London at the moment, but we’re looking for a lifestyle change. We’ve got funds and from first impressions this seems perfect! Any additional info would be much appreciated.



  2. Well the good news is that different groups of people have expressed interest in buying Pro Bike Hire and we’ve had some serious and tempting offers. We actually came very close last month to finalising a deal but it looks like that has just fallen through. I’m confident that we’ll find a new buyer in the next 3-5 months.

    If you’re into cycling, would like to run your own business and live in Tenerife for 6-12 months of the year you’d be crazy to not to buy me out. It really is a fantastic business.

  3. Update: I’m going to be gradually lowering my asking price over the next three months. It really would be nice to have a long-lasting legacy here in Tenerife after working so hard at this dream of mine for almost nine solid years. Something where I can look back and say to people: “you know I created that business from nothing”. Main reason for sale is that I am currently living in Australia, separated from my wife & there now looks to be a divorce looming on the horizon. 🙁

    I will be visiting Tenerife again to sort out my personal effects in early December 2014. If I am unable to find a buyer before then we’ll regrettably have to get rid of all the bikes in one massive fire sale & ultimately the van I suppose. After that I’ll just offer the sale of webpage on its own because I am still getting daily enquiries to rent bikes even in the low season and sometimes even up to a year in advance! No I’m not prepared to let the website go for silly low prices (much under €10k for example) because I still have my dignity, ya know?


  4. Getting more enquiries now at this price point, about 2 per week, which is good to see. I have just combined a lot of my answers into one mega 12 page [unformatted] document which I can now email to anyone who is interested… because I was just typing out pretty similar info every time.


    • Paul Martin says:

      Hello Dr Leslie Brown. I have just returned home to find the price for your business lowering just like you promised.
      Would it be possible when you get time to emial your 12 page document to me please -Best regards Paul Martin

  5. gustavo pacitti says:

    Dear Dr Brown
    Please send tue 12 pages document
    I already sent you an email but didn t receieve any answer yet
    Thanks in advance and best regards

  6. Libon Christelle says:

    Dear Dr.Brown

    Interested in your bussiness
    M’y question

    Is it a registred company ?
    Do you hâve à technicien for bycicle maintenance who is willing to continue ?
    Bike détails , VTT, road bike, brands ?

    Thank you for your reply
    Kindest regards

  7. Med Nejad says:

    Hello Dr Brown,

    Could you please email me some further details? I’d like to know:
    Current number of staff, how long they’ve been with you, their level of expertise?
    Number of bikes
    assets, Turnover & profit
    Number of bikes and estimated value.
    Any additional information would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
    Med Nejad

  8. maurizio says:

    hello Dr Brown,
    I sen you a mail at the adress provided and in case you get to this 1st, I like your business and m intrested on buying you out if things can be arranged to be acceptable to both of us.
    your truly

  9. Hello everyone!

    Currently the bikes are in storage so it is not possible to inspect them until I return to Tenerife in a few months. I have decided not to lower the price with the van, bikes and website. I feel that any lower than that would not be worth it for me to sell as a business – I’d essentially be giving it away. It is a highly successful business after all!!

    For that price I am including what is on the inventory sheet [please email me for that]. Apart from the bikes & van, there’s a top-spec I7 computer, bike stands, numerous tools… the main physical assets are the van and bikes. But for me the most valuable thing is our brand, our internet presence and our customer base. It takes a lot of time, money and commitment to generate the level of demand we continually receive. I still get loads of bike reservations and business has been growing year after year despite that ugly global economic crisis thing which hit Spain pretty damn hard…

    Keep in mind that I am now living in Sydney, Australia. I have a flight back to Tenerife and I land around December 12th 2014 but it looks like I might be returning about 3 weeks earlier as I would like to spend Christmas and new year with my family this year in Sydney (I have missed out for 8 years in a row).

    There are now several people who are very interested in purchasing the business upon my return to Tenerife. The best thing is to stay in touch via email and stay tuned to this page!

    For any new enquiries, please ask about that 12 page pdf document which answers a lot of questions that have been asked previously. This saves me having to repeat myself 10 times about the day-to-day operations of running the business. Also, please don’t bother enquiring if you are:

    a) Not seriously thinking about moving to Tenerife.
    b) Don’t have the funds readily available for such a purchase.
    c) Aren’t actually prepared to change your lifestyle or leave your current employment (meaning if fear is going to hold you back and you are not ultimately prepared to make the jump)

    Best not to ask me about ‘risk’, etc (why not? because apart from Vertebrae, this has been my main source of income for the last 8 years so I actually see that as a bit of an insult).

    RE: Training
    I am basically running out of time to do any training because I am starting a new illustration/graphics design career on January 5th 2015. My original plan was to come back to Tenerife for 3 months and do the training in person but things have changed and I can only do a few days of intensive training now (which is enough to get you started). For the current asking price I can still offer email support for up to 6 months after sale date. Email replies may take up to 48-72 hours because of time differences & study commitments.

    Compared to a typical office job, I think it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am so so glad to have done it!! I probably can’t go back to working for someone else now…

    Have a great week!

  10. UPDATE: I will be in Tenerife from the 12th of November until December 1, 2014. This is the last chance to buy the business with our current stock of bikes and the van… after that date I’m afraid that personal circumstances force me to close the business. I may choose to leave the website here for information purposes, but I will have to take the booking form offline so as not to confuse anyone.


  11. Moonen says:

    Dear Dr Brown,

    Could you maybe send me the info about this business ?
    Also I like to inquire if there is a Spanish company involved ? Were is the company registered ? any tax fillings ?

  12. Laurent Moseley says:

    Please could you send this document to me aswell, i am coming to tenerife over christmas. have lived in Spain previously am probably jusat about to be made redundant so this could be the perfect oppertunity.

    Thank you
    Laurent Moseley

  13. Nigel Powley says:

    I am very eager to discuss this with you. This is exactly the business my wife and I would like to purchase as we are looking to relocate to Tenerife. I am a Team GB duathlete competing in Champs in Europe. I was captain of the GB team this year. Woul be happy to fly out to discuss face to face if potential for purchase is genuine.

    Best Regards

    Nigel Powley

  14. Mark Waite says:

    Dr. Brown, is your business still for sale?

  15. Hello,
    Is your business still for sale??

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