Michelin XC Dry 2 review

Wear Rate:
I bought these tyres on sale at Decathlon some time last year and they have not lasted long. In fact after only a few months use, one potential client looked at the tread and rather cheekily told me “this tyre is no good for me”. It was at that point I realised these tyres have worn considerably fast. I won’t be buying them again for my rental bikes because they are just too costly. My own bikes are a different story… [Read more →]

News in Tenerife for Autumn 2009.

Thinking ahead during Autumn 2009The Autumn season is finally here! Thanks to all those that are coming to cycle Tenerife! I finally had time to take new photos of the bikes for the webpage, so you can see exactly what you are getting.

All of us here at Tenerife-Training have been anticipating a busy Winter season for quite some time. There are now several current bookings up as far ahead as December, January and even February 2010, so if you are interested in renting a bike with us during that time, please consider booking early!

Can you recommend the best cycling route for me?

Things are going good,

So im flying over on tuesday the 11th Tenerif south, then im gonna take a coach up. Just can’t fly to the north from N.Ireland.
and back again on the 18th December.

Im staying in the Masaru Apartment, their december offer is very good. Be nice to have a bike for most of that time 12th-17th would be good.

My frame is a Ridley Boreas 52cm. However i have the seatpost and headset up a bit, so chances are a 54 would still be fine. Its a 50-34 compact crank with a 27-12 gears on the back, so i probably would need a triple in a normal bike. I have SPD clipless shoes.

Been cycling since may this year, so im a beginner, but ive trained hard and im the best hill climber in my club athough the highest ive been up is a 500m climb:) and 100km. but that was back in Sept, and im a bit fitter now. In feburary i was 103kg and now im 79kg, yeah bit to go yet but working hard at it.

So from the info on the website probably a easy-moderate route is gonna be challanging for me. My average speed over a 25 mile run was 18mph. mostly flat, and i run a 10k in 50 mins dead if that helps you reccomend the best route for me. The furtherest ive been on a bike is 100km and the the furtherest ive run is 13km.

Thats all i can think off at the moment.

You’ve been a great help and is much appreciated.


Well I can say that the “flattest” route is along the coast to Garachico & back via El Tanque. It undulates as it goes past some spectacular green sea cliffs. Most of the locals do that run, but the trafic is getting worse. The good news is they’re very polite towards cyclists & there is a cycling lane most of the way….

With a triple crank setup you can go just about anywhere, and things only start to get difficult on steeep climbs. The 52cm Mrazek has 30/39/53 – 12/25 gearing, which makes the easiest gear 5% lower than what you’ve got now!

I think if you can cycle 100km, you should now class yourself as an enthusiast and not a beginner. 😉

If I were you, I’d take either the 345 or 348 bus straight up to Aguamansa (1000m), and then start the climb to the base of Mt. Teide (2300m) from there (I can explain it further upon bike delivery). That way you can avoid any traffic, and get to see the more scenic parts as well. Try to at least get to the next rest stop “El Portillo”; marvel at the horrible coffee and equally horrible service :-) Then simply ride 35km back down hill !!!!!

You’ve lost a lot of weight, so you’re to be congratulated. For the first time in my life, I’ve actually put on close to 5kg this summer. I’m scared to weigh myself. I dare not.

You’ve got the bike for your requested dates. 6 days’ rental comes to €140. I can throw on a set of SPD pedals too. Delivery on the morning of the 12th will be best for me. At this stage, I’ll set the delivery time to 8:30am, OK?

Masaru is a great place; I’ve stayed there with my partner, a great new place with good service and you can’t beat it for value either.