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New rental bikes coming with full carbon fibre framesets!

New rental bikes coming with full carbon fibre framesets! Hasa full carbon fibre rental bikes for hire: 3k monocoque frame and fork.For 2009, I ordered two new Hasa full carbon fibre frames and matching 3k carbon forks. These are manufactured from carbon fiber composite with a 3k weave and come with a beautiful clear coat and no logos. Weight for the frame alone is quoted at just 1150 grams for the medium size and 1200 grams for the large! That’s 150 – 200g lighter than my own personal road bike!!

hire a carbon road bike, carbon fibre rental bikes, Hasa full carbon fiber frame, new rental bikes.Sizes will initially be available in either 55cm or 57cm; possibly these will be followed by a small 52/53cm and another 55cm model if the quality is as good as it appears in the photos and they prove to be popular. They should be completely built up by around February or March and are intended to augment and then eventually replace the two current 55cm Decathlon bikes some time after May 2009.

Hasa carbon road bikes for hire.These are obviously premium bikes so they will likely cost a tiny bit more to rent than the standard bikes (possibly ~15% more depending on the remaining equipment spec).

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  1. Hi there Synchronicity,

    Spotted you over on Weight Weenies! I have just built up one of these frames, safe to say for the price you won’t be dissapointed. Not been on any bone-jarring descents such as Teide descent > Santiago Del Teide yet so can’t comment on how much road buzz is passed on up to the rider….I am over in Tenerife Feb 18th – Mar 1st and wouldn’t mind hooking up with you on a ride or two. I’ll cross your palm with some gold to help keep you in business!

    Send me a PM if you are interested.


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the comment… The 2 carbon frames have already shipped and
    passed through Shanghai.

    Actually I just got a phone call today from a guy called Steve at Pro-Lite and they’d surely like to supply bikes in future. Looks like they have some good looking, very reasonably priced frames … so you may see me working with them in the latter half of 2009 / 2010.

    I used to be a bit more active on the ww forum, but I’ve been too busy with the bike rentals in the last 3 weeks. I’m not really a true weight weenie anymore. I don’t even own a pair of scales and just last week road a
    Sora-equiped Merida bike to go on a guided ride! Yikes!! I must be getting old…

    Will you be bringing your own bike over or are you considering renting? Where abouts are you staying? It might be fun for you to try out my ceramic vertebrae lines & see what you think of them… 😉

    Thanks & hope we can meet up then!

  3. Two of the Hasa carbon frames arrived mid-January. Pictures can be seen here.

    They aren’t really much more expensive than a standard bike frameset. To encourage early bookings of these bikes, I’ve decided to keep the rental prices the same as the ‘standard’ road bikes!

  4. The first one [the 57/58cm version] has been built up and it rides well. PHOTO.

  5. Hi
    im coming over in the 1st/2nd week of May and would love to hire one of your carbon bikes….\
    Please Please let me know if your around……Fingers crossed…

  6. Hi There

    A quick question about the Hasa carbon frames you bought .
    I was hoping to buy one but cant seem to find anything on them .
    I know you are not a bike review forum but was hoping you could tell me if think they are a good ,stiff ride and B . I thought it was compact geometry/sloping tube and was confused about my size I ride a traditional
    59 , the guy at the factory says I will just fit a large , could you give me an honest opinion . sorry to be a pain just cant find any info out there and deal seems a bit too good to be true.

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