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Riding partners in La Orotava, Tenerife? Can you suggest any quiet villas with a pool & internet access?


I’m looking to come to Tenerife for all of December this year as part of my training plan and you guys seem to have it all sorted!

Please can you let me know how you can help with a 4 week stay in terms of riding buddies/training.

Addititionally, I need to rent a quiet villa for 4 weeks (preferably not at altitude) with internet access and hopefully a pool (internet is a must so I can send my data to my coach). Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks

Firstly, sorry for the massively delayed response.

“Us guys” are actually me & my partner running everything from a tiny little office and garage. Hahaha! Appearances can be deceptive, but yes we think we’ve got it covered when it comes to cycling in Tenerife.

The original idea was to offer hard-core training rides to cyclists. You’d think we’d have tonnes and tonnes of clients by now – sadly that’s not the case, and most of our clients are cyclo-tourists wanting decent hire bikes and other riders using Tenerife as a base for training. The business is expanding, but slowly. Due to the very small niche, its taking some time for the word to get around… Of course in future, I’d like to re-focus on the training aspect of the business (that’s initially why I started it, not for bike hire).

As far as riding buddies go, I still might be available for a few guided rides; check out the forum for more info about cycling clubs … perhaps you can hook up on one of their club rides or else ask on the forum? If you need help signing up, just drop me an email.

There are some villa suggestions on the main website – those places have a shared pool and you have an 1800m climb right out your back door! Also check out this list of villas in tenerife. Finding ones with internet access might be difficult.

If you stay in La orotava (450m altitude), its probably the most convenient place to stay outside El Puerto de la Cruz (try Hotel Alhambra or Hotel Rural Victoria). Alhambra has an excellent spa bath, no pool though. There’s a good, cheap high-speed internet access on the main street in La Orotava (#19 Avenida Obispo Benítez De Lugo); I think it’s called “Aldea Global”.

Most resorts with pools are down by the coast in El Puerto. And there are a lot to choose from.

Well I hope I’ve been some help…

Thanks very much,

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