Calima Prediction

Several days a year, Tenerife and the neighbouring Canary Islands are engulfed in a phenomenon known as the “calima”. This is essentially a suspension of dust which remains in the air because it is so fine. It initially blows over from the Sahara desert, raises temperatures considerably, and usually dissipates within a day or two. When the visibility is greater than 2km, it is then called a “bruma”. During a calima, there is a localised temperature inversion, meaning the higher you go up, the hotter it gets. It’s not uncommon for Las Cañadas to experience temperatures approaching 40°C, so don’t forget your suncream! Cycling during this time can’t be good for your lungs, but that doesn’t seem to stop the locals going riding anyway!

Calima Prediction Spain & Canary Islands (Atmospheric Dust)